Family Friendly Self-Catering Holidays in Spain

As summer nears, many people await for their long awaited summer vacations. Some will take their families on these vacations as a reward for many months of hard work and dedication, which all of them have done throughout the year, whether at work or in school. One of the most popular destinations in the world is the great country of Spain. Many tourists flock to this amazing nation because of its different cultural ambiance and great people that reside there. There are varieties of activities that the whole family can do while they are on holiday in Spain.

One of the first activities everyone can do as soon as they get there is to check out their excellent dining alternatives. A few of the famous cuisines that you can try are the “tortilla Espanola,” “gazpacho,” “Spanish seafood rice,” “Spanish ham” and the “Spanish pork sausage.” You will be able to find these delicious dishes in most of the restaurants on your vacation.

If you are visiting Madrid, then you have to dine at the Restaurante La Favorita. This restaurant offers excellent service and is perfect if you are self-catering for the entire trip. You can also stop by Restaurante El Septimo, which will serve you some of its flawless desserts. Stop by the Restaurante Arzak located in San Sebastian, so that you can enjoy their exquisite dining cuisines as well. All of these great choices in restaurants will surely give you great service and delicious meals at affordable prices.

Aside from fine dining, the sights and sounds of this great country are also great features to explore when you are on holiday. You can begin by visiting the Cave of Altamira, which contains the Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain. Next, you can visit the Old Town of Segovia and its Aqueduct while you enjoy the community of Castile and Leon. There, you will be able to appreciate some of this country’s amazing heritage and history.

You will also find many outdoor activities that you can enjoy. Spain is known for the great sport of bullfighting and is perfect for taking the entire family to see a classic bullfight. Make sure to take a walk along the beautiful beaches while you are visiting this magnificent land. You can go to La Concha Beach in San Sebastian, Playa de Las Catedrales in Galicia, Playa del Silencio located in Asturias and the Beaches of Sitges, which is situated in Catalonia near Barcelona.

In the end, Spain is definitely the place to holiday in for anyone that enjoys a little culture and adventure. You can save a lot of money if you decide to stay in a hotel that doesn’t offer catering. Self-catering can really add up on the bill of the hotel and the savings you will make can enable you to take your loved ones to many of the restaurants. Rest assured that you will have the time of your life on your long awaited holiday vacation.