My Travelling Nanny: A Unique Holiday Childcare Service

My Travelling NannyFamily holidays, as well as being an opportunity to spend quality time with your children, are an essential  breathing space, and a break  from the constant pressures of juggling family life with work commitments and deadlines.

However, children, far from wanting to relax and take in the view, are often at their most active and curious in a new environment, with the added attractions (and dangers) of a beach or pool on their doorstep.  More vigilance is necessary from parents, as well as high energy levels, at a time when re-charging batteries, and enjoying a slower pace of life for a short spell, is high on their list.

A little help can go a long way.  An extra pair of hands and eyes are all that is needed to transform a holiday into a proper break.  Someone to help with the suncreaming, to keep an eye on the baby while you build sandcastles with your toddler, to help out at bathtime and bedtime, and someone familiar to babysit, so that you can have some evenings out with minimum stress.

My Travelling Nanny with childrenHoliday Nannies are becoming an increasingly popular add-on to a family holiday.  Moreover, instead of choosing yet another child-friendly resort or hotel, a villa holiday becomes a realistic possibility, with your own childcare on board.

My Travelling Nanny, run by mother and daughter team Linda and Michaela, can match you with a holiday nanny to suit your needs.  They personally interview, vet and reference-check each nanny.  Families also interview any potential candidates, and make the final decision as to their suitability.

My Travelling Nanny with childrenThe service is friendly, efficient, with a painless booking procedure.  The holiday  nanny travels with the family, thereby being able to form bonds with the children even before arrival at the holiday destination.  And of course this makes for a much more stress-free journey, whether you are flying or driving.

My Travelling Nanny provides holiday nannies to suit every pocket, and there is a lot of flexibility so that families can decide how much childcare help they want, as well as whether they want a Standard Nanny or a Qualified/Experienced Nanny.

This new and innovative Agency has achieved success and commendations in business competitions for young entrepreneurs, and has numerous testimonials and repeat bookings which speak for themselves.

To book your own Holiday Nanny visit, or Tel: 020 8133 3126.