The majority of family holidays originating in the UK are taken in Western Europe and Mediterranean destinations – little wonder given the short flight times, the wealth of options and generally reliable climate. From the tranquil resorts of Sardinia to the bright lights of Costa Adeje, luxury family hotels are in abundance. 

Luxury family holidays in Europe can be taken in pretty much any country, each of which has its own exclusive areas and a particular take on what a luxury holiday means – take for example Crete, where the beautiful resort of Elounda is home to a number of equally beautiful hotels with superb standards.

Further east, the shores of Dubai and the other United Arab Emirates have become been a popular destination for British families, where exotic and adventurous meets quality and high standards of service.

Trek through the sand dunes and live like a Bedouin – or live like a king in one of the luxurious highly-rated hotels, many with their own spas.

The faraway lands are all about beautiful paradise islands, crystal clear waters and swaying, sheltering palms. Many are upmarket destinations for the discerning family, with elegant hotels and high quality service serving up endless wonderful memories.

One for the family holiday shortlist in the Indian Ocean is Mauritius, influenced by African and Indian culture and blessed with beautiful coral reefs and an almost year-round welcoming climate. Travel further east to the delights of Thailand and Vietnam – or carry on flying to the once-in-a-lifetime Australasian destinations around the other side of the world!

Heading west opens up North, Central and South America. Florida has become a very popular destination for British family holidays and is blessed with blue skies, sunshine and a host of theme parks to suit every taste.  It is mirrored on the West Coast by California and the extra few hours of flying bring the buzz of Hollywood and the surrounding A-list celebrity homes.

Further inland lies the Grand Canyon for simply stunning natural beauty or to Colorado for first-class ranch holidays (and quality ski resorts in winter), whilst to the south the stunning natural beauty of Costa Rica and the excitement of Mexico awaits.

The numerous Caribbean islands are increasingly popular haunts for families on holiday and exclusive resorts and hotels can be found across the Caribbean. Local foods are flavoursome, with excellent international cuisine to be found in restaurants around the islands. Try award-winning restaurants overlooking the sea or eat local delicacies from food trucks for a culinary experience not to be missed.

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