Our Family Holiday travel partners

We wanted to provide a resource where you can seek out your perfect family holiday, be it a weekend trip or the safari trek of a lifetime.

Let us be clear – we are not Travel Agents, so we are not bonded. We also wouldn’t dream of selling you a product from any holiday or flight provider who isn’t protected either, and we had a near-disaster of our own when XL went bust, having paid for our flights with a debit card and returning home just days before the collapse.

Our suppliers are all well-known and reputable.  When you purchase a trip you have found with Two Point More Children you are entering into a contract with one of those suppliers so you can relax in the knowledge that your money is safe.

So whether you require pampering in a luxurious spa resort or wish to spend hours splashing the days away with your children in our pool, look no further than our recommended suppliers from the list to the right – or leave it up to us with our exclusive, free Family Holiday Finder service and we will point you in the direction of the perfect family holiday!