A Guide to Flying With Children

sainsburys-flying-with-chilPlanning a family holiday can cause a lot of headaches, especially if it’s your first one. When it comes to flying with children there’s a lot to think about with regards to flying essentials and luggage allowance.

To make your journey as stress-free as possible it’s important to take a few basics with you. Depending on your child’s age, spare clothes may be needed, blankets for warmth or a favourite toy for comfort if your child is nervous about flying. Entertainment is a must when flying with children – an electronic device with their favourite tv show or game, a colouring book, or information on your holiday destination so they can learn some of the local language and culture, could help them keep content when travelling.

As a general guide you’re allowed to carry a bag of supplies for the flight as well as a fully collapsible pushchair or car seat for infants up to 2 years old. Children over 2 are entitled to same luggage allowance as you. It’s best to check with your airline before flying.

We are delighted to present more helpful advice in this Sainsbury’s Bank guide to flying with children.