A fascinating treasure trove destination for a family holiday, Luxor combines luxurious hotels with ancient tombs and ruins many hundreds of years old.

Family Holidays in LuxorLuxor sits on the banks of the River Nile and is often the starting point for a cruise on this famous river.  Whilst it is a vibrant and bustling city you are more likely to spend your money in the tourist-oriented bazaars, feature Egyptian crafts and carpets, than on fine shopping and there are plenty of eateries that are designed to appeal to the western palette; however there are plenty of local dishes to delight your taste buds too!

Luxor is home to many amazing ancient monuments, including the Temple of Luxor, built by Amenophis III and Rameses II.  In Karnak you will find the Temple of Amun, the Open Air Museum and the Sacred Lake.  Entertainment in Luxor is very much all about the ancient history and as such there isn’t any particular nightlife outside the arrangements made by hotels.

Luxor is around 30 minutes from Luxor Airport.

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