Long Haul

Family holidays don’t have to be restricted by distance.  Once-exotic destinations are now much more accessible to families and not simply the domain of the solo traveller and backpacker.

Long Haul Family HolidaysThe Indian sub-continent offers a variety of destinations from exquisite islands in the Indian Ocean to elephant trekking in Sri Lanka and tiger spotting in Ranthambore.  Roughly the same flight time as to the West Coast of America, the Indian Ocean region offers once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences that will stay with you forever.

The Far East region includes the increasingly popular Thailand, where the more adventurous family can revert to nature and the less so can simply have a fine time at the beach resorts. 

Moving into the Pacific region leads you to the natural beauty of New Zealand and the vast land of Australia, where you can snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, admire Ayers Rock or observe the magnificent Sydney Opera House from atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.