In Italy the focus is very much on family, which males this a fantastic destination for a family holiday.  The coastline is as dramatic as it is beautiful and each particular Italian holiday destination has its own appeal.

Family Holidays in ItalyOn the mainland, Lake Garda offers an incredible mix of relaxing, lakeside peace and tranquility or, if you want it, fabulous climbing / walking, mountain biking and surfing!  The Neapolitan Riviera, on the Wesern Coast, has a gorgeous family friendly beach at the resort of Maiori.

Of similar appeal for a family holiday is the Adriatic Riviera, also enjoying long stretches of sandy beach and busy and entertaining promenades lined with places to eat, drink and shop.  Nightlife on the Adriatic is perhaps more upbeat and certainly so in Rimini, where the emphasis is on partying.

The Venitian Riviera has something to offer everyone on a family holiday, not least a trip to the amazing city of Venice.  The Venitian Rivieira is a busy part of Italy day and night but the sandy beach is popular with families and there is plenty more to see and do.

A sophisticated, pretty region, Sicily has plenty to offer and those on a family holiday will enjoy the beaches.  The island of Sardinia, with its easy-going manner, is highly appealing for families and is home to some high-quality hotels to match its cosmpolitan, upmarket nature.

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