Canary Islands

A popular choice all year round for a family holiday, the Canary Islands offer Spanish-style holidays a relatively short distance from the coast of Africa.

Family Holidays in the CanariesEach of the four islands has something different to offer.  Tenerife has a host of attractions beside the sunshine and the beach and the resort of Costa Adeje can fulfil the desire for a relaxing family holiday or an action-packed one equally well.

Lanzarote offers perhaps the finest beaches of the Canaries and the volcanic rocks and sands are a stunning sight.  Resorts vary from the relaxed to the purpose-built and fun-filled.

The island of Fuerteventura appeals to family holidaymakers thanks to its miles and miles of sandy beaches.  The resorts are spread out around the island and as with its sister islands, Fuerteventura can fulfil almost every dream.

Finally, but by no means any less appealing, Gran Canaria also offers golden beaches that stretch beyond what the eye can see and the attractions range from the volcanic region that stands proudly at the centre of the island to the modern shopping malls in Las Palmas.

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